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Our leaders

Bishop Darrell Dorris
Overseer of Antelope Valley District of Churches


Bishop Darrell Dorris, a man of great faith and integrity, has served in ministry for many years. As a child, he witnessed ministry at its best. As a third-generation Pastor, he has learned how to lead God’s people through the observation and teachings of Pastors and Missionaries at work within his family.

In July of 1997, Supt. Dorris married Pastor Roshunda L. Dorris. Through this union, they now have four children, one girl, and three boys, who are active workers in their local and national church, in pursuit of higher education.

Bishop Dorris, along with his wife continued to work in ministry. They’ve operated as Music Directors, Praise and Worship Leaders, Youth Pastors, and Assistant Pastors. Together they dedicated their time, talents, and treasure toward the building of the ministries they attended.

In August of 2000, Supt. Dorris was licensed as an ordained Elder within the Churches of God in Christ. In August of 2002, He and his wife, Evangelist Roshunda Dorris answered the call of Pastorship. On Sunday, August 4, 2002, the doors of Temple of Deliverance opened for worship service.

In November of 2010, Supt. Darrell and Evangelist Roshunda Dorris began Pastoring an additional church. In January of 2011, they merged the two ministries and became Living Faith Cathedral COGIC, located at 418 W. Ave. J in Lancaster, Ca where they serve and encouraging over 1000 souls.

Supt. Dorris works in many facets of ministry. In his 17 years of Pastoring, he has successfully merged two churches, has assisted and supported other leaders within his church to begin their Pastorship and helps plant 5 churches within the Antelope Valley. He gives his time, resources, and wisdom to the support of local Pastors and community leaders to support kingdom work.

In May of 2018, Supt. Dorris received recognition from the Mayor of the city of Lancaster, Mayor R. Rex Parris, for his ecumenical contributions to the community, and was appointed Deputy Mayor of Lancaster, Ca. He now works alongside Mayor R. Parris and the city council, to assist in community outreach, and participates in numerous community fellowship services. Supt. Dorris has also been recognized by Senator Scott Wilks, appointing him as a voting delegate in Sacramento, Ca.

In November of 2019, Supt. Dorris was appointed to the office of Lancaster City Council, enabling him to continue to serve his community. 

Supt. Dorris has joined alliances with many community programs. He currently sits as a board member on the citywide Gracefest that generates over 10,000 people within the Antelope Valley for a city-wide revival. He is also a board member of the  Spring Unity Tent Revival that unites over 50 Pastors within the Valley, the African American Coalition of Pastors that focuses on health services for the African American community, the Kingdom Builders Fellowship comprised of a coalition of Pastors advocating the welfare of their local society, and is now overseeing the construction of the city’s new Resource center designed to provide holistic services to underrepresented communities.  

Supt. Dorris has transcended denominational barriers, has been anointed with a powerful ministry of deliverance and has passionately carried the message of the gospel. Pastor Dorris has dedicated his life to God, his family, the empowerment of God’s people, and the welfare and unity of his community.

Pastor Roshunda Dorris_edited_edited_edi

Pastor Roshunda Dorris 

Pastor Roshunda Dorris is an innovative and eclectic entrepreneur, who pursues an enterprise of God given and purposed opportunities to educate, inspire, and motivate individuals to propel in every facet of their lives.

Her singing and inspirational speaking embraces a platform that provides hope and freedom through biblical principles, while her secular skills as a Professional Development Coach, Mentor, and Consultant, supports her inspiration to provoke and equip individuals to reach limitless possibilities.

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